24 Tîrmeh 2024
1 year ago
Civîna Wezîrên Derve yên Rûsya, Sûriye, Tirkiye û Îranê li Moskovayê dest pê kir
The Saudi Cabinet affirms the Kingdom's keenness to support all efforts aimed at reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis
European Commission: There will be no normalization of relations with the Pro-Assad forces without a political solution in accordance with UN resolutions
1 year ago
The Jordanian border guards thwarted two attempts to smuggle large quantities of drugs and weapons coming from the Assad-controlled areas in Syria
Assad's forces shelled with heavy artillery the vicinity of the village of Al-Ziyara in Sahl Al-Ghab in the northern Hama countryside
Ahrar Houran Gathering: Warplanes likely Jordanian launch air strikes on the purification plant in the western countryside of Daraa, which contains a drug production factory supervised by militias supported by Hezbollah
Arab foreign ministers met in Cairo and agreed to readmit Syria as a member state of the Arab League
A closed-door consultative meeting was launched at the level of Arab foreign ministers at the headquarters of the Arab League
Two meetings of the League of Arab States next Sunday at the level of foreign ministers on Syria and Sudan
SANA claims Syrian air defenses engaged the Israeli airstrike over Aleppo. No immediate reports of injuries.
Few hours before Quartet meeting in Amman with Syrian FM, Jordanian forces thwarted an attempt by pro-Assad cartels to smuggle Captagon from Syria. 133,000 pills were seized1 year ago
Few hours before Quartet meeting in Amman with Syrian FM, Jordanian forces thwarted an attempt by pro-Assad cartels to smuggle Captagon from Syria. 133,000 pills were seized
SANA correspondent: The Minister of Trade of the Republic of Iraq, Atheer Al-Ghurairy, and his accompanying delegation arrived at Damascus International Airport, within the framework of holding the meetings of the eleventh session of the Syrian-Iraqi Joint Committee
Iran’s new ambassador to Damascus says Iranian president Raisi will travel to Syria on Wednesday, May 3
Syrian state media says the Israeli Air Force carried out airstrikes against sites near Homs last night, wounding three civilians and damaging fuel tankers and trucks
Fire ablaze due to the airstrikes earlier this evening
Unverified video of Israeli airstrikes in Homs countryside. Syria1 year ago
Unverified video of Israeli airstrikes in Homs countryside. Syria
As security unrest persists in Syria's Daraa, nine individuals, most of them are government soldiers, have been killed by unknown assailants within one week
TAF artillery units hit PKK positions east of Amude city in the north of Haseke
1 year ago
Erdogan û Pûtîn bi telefonê axivîn
1 year ago
German FM: We keep our focus on the conflict in Syria. The new EU sanctions package targets the trafficking of Captagon. The Pro-Assad forces profits massively from this drug. Perpetrators of the 2013 Tadamon massacre were also listed
1 year ago
Turkish Minister of Defense: I discussed with the defense ministers of Syria Iran the strengthening of security in Syria and the normalization of relations between Ankara and Damascus
Quneitra: And, like previously, flyers are reportedly dropped in the area warning SAA soldiers of cooperating with Hezbollah
Attacks on Hezbollah positions in Syria on the border with Israel were reported this night. Syrian sources claim Israeli tanks were active and the arrival of anti-tank missiles was recorded. Possible victims in Hezbollah and Syrian soldiers' ranks
1 year ago
Israel has targeted the positions of the Syrian army and Iran-backed militants in the suburbs of Qunaitra in Syria's southwest, according to Syrian media reports.
The number of Syrian casualties due to the battles in Sudan has risen to 11
Washington Post: Ukrayna plana vekirina eniyeke nû li Sûriyê û êrişkirina ser hêzên Rûsî bi alîkariya HSDê amade kiriye, ku daxwaza parastina esmanî, rahênanê û eşkerekirina navê xwe kiriye, li gorî belgeyên eşkere. Plan di meha Kanûnê de hat rakirin
Syria: last night Israel reportedly bombed with artillery a SAA position near the border fence (Hanout in S. Quneitra province). Few hours later Israel dropped leaflets saying SAA is paying the price for its collaboration with Hezbollah
1 year ago
Israeli army says a Skylark drone crashed in Syria overnight due to a technical fault
The Saudi foreign minister visits Syria for the first time since the war began in 2011. Last week the Syrian foreign minister visited Saudi Arabia and both agreed to end Syria's international isolation.
Israeli cabinet will engage in intelligence and operational reviews of the northern arena - Syria and Lebanon, according to a senior Israeli official. The political and security cabinet will meet this afternoon