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19 սեպտեմբեր 2018

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RuAF Il-18D RA75499 from Chkalovsky to Hmeymim, Latakia
7 hour ago
IED explosion targeted a patrol of #SDF near of Bustan Park in the city of #Raqqa. No updates about damages or victims.
The US State Department stresses the need to resolve the Syrian conflict and end Iran's smuggling of dangerous weapons systems through Syria
7 hour ago
TSK military reinforcement convoy on Tuesday reached Reyhanli Southern Hatay province with soldiers, tanks, howitzers, armored vehicles and twelve-ton bulletproof concrete blocks four meters (13 feet) in height to fortify observation points in Idlib
Sec Pompeo calls yesterday's downing of a Russian plane (by the Syrian government) "unfortunate" and says it highlights the need to find "resolutions to the many overlapping conflicts in the region and the danger of tragic miscalculation in Syria's crowded theater of operations"
Israel PM Netanyahu vows to keep acting against Iran in Syria, after Russian plane downed
Netanyahu: I have offered Putin all the information about the plane crash
8 hour ago
Idlib agreement with Russia-Turkey: "If this holds up up and it can save lives and avid the humanitarian disaster that it could have been, then we're definitely supporting that" per @OIRSpox
SDF is slowing its advance against ISIS at the Hajin Pocket,due to minefields and ISIS tunnels
Syria: Turkish drone monitoring DeirJamal and Tell Rifaat fronts after arrival of SAA reinforcements earlier this month.
9 hour ago
De Mistura: We are committed to Security Council resolutions to reach a political settlement in Syria
10 hour ago
Russian Defense Minister: Israel assumed that the Syrian defenses will not respond to its attack
SDF announced that ISIS member Ebu Hacir El-Şami has been captured alive at Baghouz front of Deir ez-Zor where clashes intensify. Daesh member is reported to be an important figure of ISIS in the region and originally comes from Al-Bıza district of Al-Bab.
10 hour ago
Putin: Israel didn't shoot down the Russian plane deliberately. It was a result of a chain of tragic circumstances
10 hour ago
SDF has captured the Baghuz-Bukamal bridge from ISIS
Saleh Muslim: There are new agreements between Russia and Turkey, turkey is planning to send jihadists from Idlib to Afrin
SOHR: Two soldiers killed in the violent missile attacks on the eastern outskirts of Latakia 's suburbs
SOHR: Areas of the Turkish – Russian truce witnesses new breaches by the government forces through renewed shelling targeted areas in Aleppo, Latakia, and Hama
Deir ez-Zur: Iraqi helicopters were involved in providing air support to SDF militia, which was able to move towards in alBaghooz Fokani village in alBokamal countryside and reached the wooden bridge.
SDF fighters open a safe corridor to evacuate civilians from areas occupied by IS militants in the Jazeera Storm campaign
A senior Israeli official: Netanyahu and Putin are expected to talk on the phone in the next few minutes
Turkish patrols on the northern side of the Sagur River
SAA overruns ISIS and establishes control over Al Rishwaniya, Al Taraym and Al Nayariya in Deir ez-Zur province.
11 hour ago
Turkey's Foreign Minister: Both Hama-Aleppo M5 and Latakia-Aleppo highways will resume to work before the end of the year.
11 hour ago
Cavusoglu says intel organizations to assess radicals in Idlib
11 hour ago
Russia summons Israel's ambassador to Russia over downed of Russian Il-20 military aircraft.
The full Israeli army announcement on Russia's downed military aircraft in Syria
SDF Sniper Patrol monitors the areas under the ISIS in Baghuz Fawqani
There are 2 Syrian army operations continue after Daraa and Quneitra - siege on Al-Safa and operations against Daesh cells in east desert - photo of Daesh vehicles and fighters captured by army in Palmyra desert
A Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-20M was shot down yesterday inadvertently by a Syrian S-200 missile over eastern Mediterranean Sea. Russian Black Sea Fleet tug Nikolay Muru has left Tartus harbor probably to participate in SAR mission14 hour ago
A Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-20M was shot down yesterday inadvertently by a Syrian S-200 missile over eastern Mediterranean Sea. Russian Black Sea Fleet tug "Nikolay Muru" has left Tartus harbor probably to participate in SAR mission
14 hour ago
Russian Defense Minister reportedly talked to his Israeli counterpart this morning.
14 hour ago
Russian ministry of Defense says that rescuers located debris of Il-20 27 kms to Banyas, recovered all bodies of crew
Map of the incident published by the Russian MOD.15 hour ago
Map of the incident published by the Russian MOD.
15 hour ago
Russia reserves right to take appropriate measures after Israel's hostile actions - Russian Ministry of Defense
15 hour ago
Moscow: Tel Aviv informed us of the attack on Latakia a minute before the operation
Russia considers Israel actions as hostile, taking Israel responsible for the death of 15 Russian militarymen15 hour ago
Russia considers Israel actions as hostile, taking Israel responsible for the death of 15 Russian militarymen
15 hour ago
The Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 was shot down by the S-200 air defense complex of the Syrian army, - Russian Defense Ministry
15 hour ago
Russian Defense Ministry confirms that the Syrian army shot down the Russian plane
SAA shot down UAV in Latakia
"The French army denies any involvement in Syria attack," a French army spokesman said.
17 hour ago
Iran foreign ministry: we welcome the Turkey Russia deal on Idlib
23 hour ago
Russia claims that French frigate in the Mediterranean fired missiles during the attack on Latakia.
US believes Syria army shot down the Russian plane while trying to thwart Israel attack on Latakia: CNN
The US military believes that Syrian anti-aircraft artillery accidentally shot down a Russian maritime patrol aircraft Monday while the Syrian government was attempting to shoot down a barrage of Israeli missiles targeting locations in Latakia, a US official tells CNN
Russian defence military reported that Russian il-20 aircraft went off radar near Hmeimim airbase with 14 servicemen
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