Map. History of Syria conflict

21 Pûşper 2018
5 killed and others injured in the bombing by the Syrian government in Daraa
NE. Latakia: short video showing Jebal Islam/HTS Inghimasis attacking a government position in Jebal Turkman.
Syria: city of Hirak in eastern Daraa also being target by government bombardments
S. Syria: town of Busra Harir and but also Nahetah (E. Daraa) violently bombarded by government as S. de-escalation zone gradually plunges into chaos.
HTS released photos from yesterday's raid on government positon in Jebal Turkman, NE. Latakia.
SDF Operations in DeirEzzor halted for a few days but will resume later today.
Syria: a motorcycle rigged with explosives was dismantled near a Hospital in Jarablus. One arrested.
Syrian Army control Musaykah and al-Dallafa and cut all supply road, Al-lajat
Daraa FSA's Jaysh al Thawra and Youth of Sunna Forces claim to have targeted a SAA convoy on the Damascus-Dara road.
E. Syria: more photos showing aftermath of Israel|i airstrike on villa near AbuKemal which killed at least 36, mostly Iraq|is (PMU). Only the outer door left.
Ongoing Deir ez Zor operation of Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF from the objective of MFS media team.
Lattakia: List of 9 Syrian Army Soldiers killed Yesterday at Rubeia axis
FSA Southern_Front Russ as-Suffoof Operations Room [غرفة عمليات رض الصفوف] announce that "the entire world is witnessing the government's breach of the [de-escalation] agreement," and target a convoy of government militia achieving direct hits on the Damascus Citadel Road
Hezbollah leader Wassem Kaddour executed 23 members of the Assad government's "9th Division" militia in the city of al-Sanamayn for refusing to travel over the "Bridge of Death" West of Khirbet Ghazaleh Daraa
Manaf Ayoub, Commander of the storming groups in the Panther governmentnt of the "Tiger Forces" militia, was killed by the FSA after being targeted on the “Highway of Death”
Preliminary fire by the Tiger Forces on Busra Al-Harir in preparation for storming it. Taha regiment Al-Zeir groups (and others)
The Syrian Civil Defense lost another member "Saif Alkadry" a White Helmets volunteer was killed, during his humanitarian duty of search and rescue operations after artillery shilling on Nahta city in the eastern countryside of Daraa.
Explosion in Afrin city. The explosion came from Ahrash Alzaydiya. No information about the reason of the explosion yet.
Syria Islamic State Releases Pictures Shows Targeting A SAA's Position With SPG9 Rocket Projectile On The Outskirts Of Albu-Kamal City.
Daraa FSA's Omari Brigades targets SAA soldiers in Lajat.
In call with Lavrov [email protected] noted that it was critical for Russia and the Syrian government to adhere to these arrangements and ensure no unilateral activity in this area. Syria
In call with Lavrov [email protected] reemphasized the U.S. commitment to the southwest ceasefire arrangement that was approved by President Trump and President Putin one year ago. Syria
[email protected] and Russian FM Lavrov discussed in a phone call yesterday issues and concerns related to Syria and the bilateral relationship.
OIR Spokesman: The Coalition successfully eliminated yet another Daesh leader, Abu Khattab Al-Iraqi, who oversaw fundraising for the terrorist organization through oil and gas sales. This further dismantles Daesh long-term access to reliable funding.
Syrian army controls Khirbat Umbashi from ISIS in Suweida1 day ago
Syrian army controls Khirbat Umbashi from ISIS in Suweida
[email protected] says the pro-government forces struck near Abu Kamal were not sent into Syria by the Govt of Iraq. "They said they did not send them"
An Israeli reconnaissance  aircraft crashed at Chadder town1 day ago
An Israeli reconnaissance aircraft crashed at Chadder town
Israeli UAV shot down in Hader today Quneitra1 day ago
Israeli UAV shot down in Hader today Quneitra
[email protected] on US/Turkish patrols near Manbij Syria: "They're not joint patrols. I can tell you that Turkish soldiers will not go into Manbij"
Clashes between the Free Syrian Army's Southern Front and government Axis Forces at the vicinity of Harran Air Defense base
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