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16 جولای 2018

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Pro-Assad forces shelling Al Ltamenah town in Northern Hama with artillery
Turkey began issuing ID cards in Arabic and Turkish to residents of Northern Aleppo
ISIS claimed VBIED attack against SAA and allies in Al Harrah city in Northern Daraa
Operation to seize the Hajin, SDF conducted another raid in Hajin to clear another 1000m, cleared 17 IEDs and searched 38 buildings.
South Syria: multiple airstrikes tonight on Tell Mahas, close to Nimer (which surrenderd today).
Russian Airbase was again targeted by several suicide drones shortly before sunset. 8th attack this month
South Syria: monitoring equipment and facilities on Tell Harra were severely damaged by intense bombardment. NW. Daraa.
Israeli PM @netanyahu: I thank president Trump for his commitment for the security of Israel and the coordination between Israel and Russia, and Putin statement on the need for quiet in the Golan Heights
3 hour ago
Putin says he agrees with Trump that our militaries are working successfully in Syria
3 hour ago
Trump says want to help Syrian people on a humanitarian basis
4 hour ago
Trump: we've worked with Israel long and hard for many decades, President Putin is also helping Israel - they would like to do certain things with Syria, to ensure their safety
4 hour ago
Putin: The return of Syrian refugees to their country will ease the pressure on Europe
4 hour ago
Crucial issue is the "huge amount of refugees" from Syria in neighboring countries, says Putin.
4 hour ago
Trump: We must help the Syrians to return to their homes
Our militaries do get along very well in Syria, says @POTUS.4 hour ago
"Our militaries do get along very well" in Syria, says @POTUS.
4 hour ago
Report: Putin says he and Trump agreed on securing Israel's border with Syria in line with 1974 deal
4 hour ago
"The crisis in Syria is a complex one" and US-Russia cooperation could "save hundreds of thousands of lives." says @POTUS
4 hour ago
During today's negotiations @POTUS "paid special attention" to the issue of Syria and providing for the security of Israel, says Putin.
4 hour ago
Syria could be a successful example of joint work, says Putin.
Russian envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev: There are no Iranian troops in the de-escalation zones in southern Syria
USNavy P8A 168439 - surveillance ops off Israeli coast again. 1454z4 hour ago
USNavy P8A 168439 - surveillance ops off Israeli coast again. 1454z
FSA MaT statement announces that after a meeting with the Civil Council of Rukban camp and Coalition forces at al-Tanf, the @UN and international community can be assured that they are ready to provide security to them in order to complete a humanitarian aid operation
SAA continue their advance into Quenitra. T-55MV, 2S1 Gvozdika, ZSU-23-4 Shilka and M-1939 37mm.
Ongoing burning of olive trees in Afrin
Inherent Resolve:3rd Cavalry governmentnt BraveRifles troopers conduct a mass casualty exercise near the Iraqi-Syrian border. CJTFOIR supports our partners as they continue Operation Roundup to Defeat Daesh remnants.5 hour ago
Inherent Resolve:3rd Cavalry governmentnt BraveRifles troopers conduct a mass casualty exercise near the Iraqi-Syrian border. CJTFOIR supports our partners as they continue Operation Roundup to Defeat Daesh remnants.
South Syria: 1st photo confirming strategic Tell Harra is under government control. Golan in background.
NDF and SAA captured Kafr Nasij and Tal Hamad in Daraa
Inherent Resolve:Between July 9 and July 15, Coalition military forces conducted 14 strikes consisting of 16 engagements in Iraq and Syria.
North Syria: 2 Rebel drones (DJI Phantom) shot down over Fuah and Kefraya.
The arrival of the first batch of forcibly displaced civilians from Daraa city. Number reached 9 bus, carrying 430 people. White Helmets teams continue to provide care and support to those who are forced to leave their homes.
Deir Ezzor: Coalition targeted a house for an Iraqi family in al-Sousah in al-Bokamal countryside
Syria: on 10th May Israel wrecked an alleged "Iran ian Intelligence Facility" on Tell Kalib. Located SE. of Suweida, base has also a small airstrip. Before/after.
Syrian Army capture Tell Masharah, with control the hill village is secure
6 hour ago
Turkey government says there was a phone call today between @RT_Erdogan and @POTUS to discuss Syria.
7 hour ago
SAA captured Masharah village and it's hill in Quneitra
7 hour ago
SAA has captured Tell Musharah
In joint statement timed to the Trump-Putin summit, the two top Democrats in Congress dealing with foreign affairs call for @POTUS "to reject any Russian demands with respect to Syria."
SAA soldier in Al Harra, Daraa
Syrian government says has taken control of a main strategic hill that overlooks the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights - state TV
HTS commander Abu Abdullah al-Shami in Maarat al Nouman was killed in targeted attack. Pro HTS accounts confirmed that also
South Syria: heavy shelling on Tell Masharah. Hill and part of village are still under Rebel control. Triangle of Death - Quneitra.7 hour ago
South Syria: heavy shelling on Tell Masharah. Hill and part of village are still under Rebel control. Triangle of Death - Quneitra.
8 hour ago
Trump and Erdogan stress importance of Menbij roadmap over cooperation in Syria in a Phone call
8 hour ago
Turkey's Erdogan, US Trump discuss Syria, Russia in phone call
Amnesty Intl: US led coalition is "in denial about the large number of civilians killed and injured by coalition airstrikes. Coalition acknowledged amere 23 civilian deaths during Raqqa offensive. This figure is neither accurate, credible, nor serious"
South Syria: Nimer also surrendered to Assad forces. Meanwhile next targets are already bombed (photo from Nabah Sakher). Quneitra - Daraa.
Syrian aviation targeted rebels in the town of Nabah al-Sakhr and the village of Koum al-Basha in rural Quneitra.
Two fighters killed yesterday in Israeli airstrikes near Aleppo Airbase were affiliated with Syrian Hezbollah. Buried today in Nubul.
Town of Tell Harra after its handover. Rebels reportedly withdrew from the hill, but not yet under government control. NW. Daraa.
FSA's Golan Brigade 404 claims to have bombardad SAA positions on Tell al-Bazzaq mountains and in Jaba town, near Quneitra.
Syrian Arab Army inside Al Harrah city in Daraa
SAA artillery shelling the town of Latamna and Tal al-Sakhr village in north of Hama.
The Syrian army captured the village of Umm al-Ausaj north-west of the village of Zomrin, and SAA forces enter the village of Aqraba north of the city of Al Harra, Daraa
SAA currently storming strategic Hill of Tal Hara in Daraa, which overlooks huge stretch of border area.
22 dead, including 9 Iranians in suspected Israeli strike near Nairab airbase, Aleppo
The Syrian Arab Army forces control the Al-Jadira area east of the city of Al-Hara and begin to enter the eastern neighborhoods and raise flags in their areas of control in cooperation with civilians and armed factions that surrendered
South Syria: government took over Taybah while town of Harra surrendered. Quneitra - Daraa.
11 hour ago
Reports that Syrian Kurdish YPG fighters have withdrawn from Syria's Manbij region are exaggerated, state news agency Anadolu said on Monday, citing sources from Turkey's foreign ministry
11 hour ago
Russia would like to address questions related to strategic stability, arms control and Syria during Putin-Trump meeting
Syria: at least 5 Assad fighters were killed in Israel i airstrikes last night on area of Aleppo Airbase. Some of them pictured.
Rebels shelling SAA positions in Khan Arnabah with mortars
Simlin village + Zimrin village and its 2 hills north and south of it in Daraa northern countryside under SAA control.
11 hour ago
SAA shelling Al Masharah town in Daraa with missiles and artillery
Syrian army units target Tal Mashar and Tal al-Hara in Northern Daraa with artillery and aerial strikes
3 civilians were killed and others wounded as Russian aircrafts bombed the town of Aqraba
11 hour ago
SAA captured Al Tayhah town in Daraa
Warplanes launch 4 air raids on the town of Nabah al-Sakhr, Quneitra
The arrival of 430 displaced people, including 77 women and 140 children, in the first batch of the displaced Daraa to the province of Idlib.
12 hour ago
Discussions between Putin and Trump two on Syria would be difficult because of the US. stance on Iran: Kremlin
9 dead in overnight Israeli missile strike on IRGC-linked facility outside Aleppo, according to @syriahr. Syrian state media says attack hit the al-Nayrab military airbase.
South Syria: huge bombardment ongoing tonight on Tell Harra - NW. Daraa.
Israel air force strikes Assad government militia positions near Aleppo International Airport in Syria
First photo showing aftermath of Israeli airstirkes on "Iranian center" near Aleppo Airbase. At least 5 were killed. Syria.
SAA recovered a T-72 equipped with Sarab-1 APS from the FSA in Daraa, the tank was captured by the FSA last year.
Israel strikes Syrian positions near Aleppo International Airport. The strikes have killed several Syrian soldiers including 2 from besieged areas of Nubul and Zahra in Idlib.
Some reports say up to 10 Israel(i) missiles struck a base housing Iran(ian) troops
First batch of displaced from Daraa has arrived in Qaalat al-Madiq in Northern Hama
Palestinian refugee Samer Selim Jarbou from Yarmouk refugee camp died after five years of detention in Assad prisons.
Airstrikes hit area of Aleppo Airbase (Nayrab).
Reports of Israeli strike against Iranian militia positions North to Nairab airport in Aleppo
23 hour ago
Reports of several ballistic missiles from the Syrian coast area towards the Deir-ez-Zur countryside
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