Map. History of Syria conflict

21 July 2018
SAA has controlled Ayn al-Basha, Majduliyah, Rasm al Halabi, Zubaydah, Ruwayhinah
N. Syria: IEDs dismantled in Fuah and Kefraya. Villages and outskirts are full of explosive traps (which already caused several casualties).
Syria: photo from Quneitra. Golan in background (Mt Avital), ruins of Hamidiyah in center.
South Syria: Tochka missile fell on Shajarah and what looks like a barrel bomb dropped by SyAF on same village. Yarmouk Basin. Daraa.
South Syria: removal of main barriers between Baath City and Hamidiyah as government is preparing to take control of those areas on border with Golan. Quneitra.
One civilian was killed "Subhi Salloum" by an unknown explosion in the road between Ariha and Mastomah in southern countryside of Idlib. WhiteHelmets teams rushed to the scene and worked to retrieve the victim, secured the area, and moveed the damaged vehicles to open the road.
Humeimim: An AN-124 Russian cargo plane took off from France and landed at 9:00 am today in Humaimim. Russia and France said they had agreed on a joint humanitarian plan
Syrian Army has entered Rusm Al Halabi village in Quneitra
South Syria: aftermath of bombardment on Tasil. government and ex-Rebels from Nawa launched battle to control ISIS-held Tell Jumou overlooking Tasil. Yarmouk Basin - Daraa.
Syria: 2 more weaponized drones were shot down last night while trying to attack Russia n Airbase (9th attack in July).
Isis released a detailed statement about the capture of some villages from FSA near Quneitra. Militants have also repelled a SAA assault.
Isis claims to have destroyed 1 SDF vehicle with an IED near Raqqa.4 hour ago
Isis claims to have destroyed 1 SDF vehicle with an IED near Raqqa.
Tell al-Jumou is under SAA control, South-West to Nawa
Mahajjah: exit of those who reject to surrender
N. Syria: between 2,300 and 2,500 people arrived in Greater Idlib from Quneitra, almost half of them children.
Raqqa - 3 YPG members killed as result of explosion in Tel Abiad
The Syrian government is launching a wave of attacks against ISIS-held areas near Hayt along that entire line dozens of artillery strikes can be seen in distance from the Golan
4 buses with evacuated soldiers and civilians from Foua and Kafraya reached Hassia's temporary holding station (Homs CS)
SAA entered Rawayhinah in Quneitra
Rebels in Muzayrib and al-Yadudah hand over 7 tanks and 3 BMP in the process of surrender
SAA reach border after control Tell Ahmar Gharbi, Tell Ahmar Sharqi, Al-Asbah, Kawdenah, Ayn al-Abed and several other villages and hamlets in Quneitra
Smoke rises from a strike on ISIS-held position near Golan fence area near the Syria village of Shabraq - video @sfrantzman took just6 hour ago
Smoke rises from a strike on ISIS-held position near Golan fence area near the Syria village of Shabraq - video @sfrantzman took just
Another air or artillery strike against Saidah in Syria in ISIS-controlled area next to Golan; this is the 6th strike in the last hour across the border against ISIS in the last half hour
Russian Khmeimim airbase was attacked by unknown UAV again. Air Defence Systems successfully repelled an attack
Hezbollah members evacuated from Syria's Foua and Kafraya came back to Lebanon.
Today a coordinated patrol of Coalition Partners at Manbij demarcation line to increase security and stability
South Syria: villages in Yarmouk Basin pummeled by airstrikes. Daraa.
Syrian Observatory: 26 civilians killed in air strikes on the pocket of Daesh south of Syria
France and Russia to deliver humanitarian aid together to Syria, according to Elysee Palace
Maghawir al-Thowra captured 2 more Daesh militants in Al-Tanf area on July 19
ISIS SVBIED reportedly set off E. of Hayt moments ago.
South Syria: amidst looming Offensive vs ISIS, scores of SyAF-RuAF airstrikes hit past 48 hrs villages in Yarmouk Basin. Many casualties, family buried under rubble in Tasil:
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