Map. History of Syria conflict

21 April 2018
Qalamoun: Some rebels will leave to Jarabulus and Idlib, rest will form new pro Assad NDF units here. Tiger Forces captured many vehicles, tanks and other military equipment
Syrian Army Found Weapon and Ammunition warehouses in Al Petra (Batra) mountains / Al Afa'y mountains
Islamic State announces it has repelled an offensive of the Syrian Army #SAA and its allies on the southern district of #Qadam and executed 3 soldiers / militiamen
Intelligence suggests American journalist Austin Tice is still alive almost six years after he went missing in Syria. The assessment comes as the FBI announces $1 million reward for information leading to Tice's safe location, recovery, and return.
Jabal Batra and Jabal al-Afai, Qalamoun under Syrian army as dozens of vehicles including tanks seized
Members of the Bubna clan from Manbij protest against SDF and US troops.
US State Department drops reference to West Bank, Gaza and Golan Heights as 'occupied territories' in annual human rights report
BMP-1 with a ZPU-2 AA gun mounted on top, in use with Jaish Khalid Ibn al-Walid in their Daraa enclave
Japan's Minister of Defense calls American, French and British missile strike against Assad's chemical weapons facilities a "message towards North Korea as well," speaking through interpreter at top of meeting with Mattis at the Pentagon
N. Aleppo: footage from Shawarighat Arz (W. of Menagh Airbase) shows government forces (and not SDF or YPG) are on front with Olive Branch forces.
N. Aleppo: footage from Shawarighat Arz (W. of Menagh Airbase) shows government forces (and not SDF or YPG) are on front with  Olive Branch forces.
Battery of heavy rocket launchers "Golan" used to bomb S. Damascus districts.
Damascus: Isis claims to have repelled a SAA assault in Yarmouk, killed 3 SAA soldiers and captured some weapons.
S. Damascus: urban warfare started on 2nd day of government offensive vs ISIS but also HTS-held areas. Photos from Yarmouk Camp.
Damascus: Isis claims to have killed 10 SAA soldiers in Yarmouk. Other reports say that 30 Assad soldiers were killed today.
Russia tells U.N. envoy U.S-led strikes on Syria hurt peace process
20 hour ago
Russian ambassador to U.K. @Amb_Yakovenko: Douma was staged by the West, there was proof now. Also insinuating that nerve agent was injected into „Skripals by U.K. government („we have suspicions")
War correspondent Ayhab Balan was killed in South Damascus during his coverage of the ongoing Military Operation against ISIS in Yarmouk Camp and Hajar al-Aswad and Qadam. His last Message "Victory is Coming"
The numbers of displaced people of Afrin in Alshahba district and Sherawa villages are witnessing a great suffering of Leishmaniasis disease
Hezbollah-affiliated channel released pics from battle vs ISIS in S. Damascus.
[email protected]: Between April 13-April 19, US-led Coalition military forces conducted 30 strikes targeting ISIS in Syria (23) and Iraq (7)
ISIS's Army Khalid Ibn Al-Walid attacked the positions of the FSA/HTS Factions west of Daraa, 6 leaders of the FSA/HTS Factions and approximately 30 elements were killed and others injured, in an attack today on the towns of Sheikh Saad and Masakin Jalin west of Daraa
Witnesses told Reuters: A UN vehicle is approaching the site of the chemical attack, accompanied by a Russian military vehicle
Rebels shelling ISIS offshoot in Saham al-Jolan /western Daraa
Rebels shelling ISIS offshoot in Saham al-Jolan /western Daraa
An agreement between the HTS and the leaders of Eastern and Western Sahiyan and Raba al-Jour area in Southern Idlib countryside in order to divert them from the ongoing infighting, Syria,
Syrian Army combing Jabal Batra which overlooks Jairoud - al-Attanah - Nasiriyah - al-Mansura after surround Ruhaybah from all sides
Syrian Army capture Imam Ali Mosque in Tadamon , South Damascus
Yarmouk's Palestine Hospital reportedly bombed and ambulance driver killed a short while ago. A doctor from Yarmouk yesterday said that Palestine Hospital was a 'hospital in name only.' Without checkpoint open, basically no meaningful medical services inside the camp
An-124 from Mozdok to Latakia23 hour ago
An-124 from Mozdok to Latakia
Explosion in Qalaat al-Madiq
"Stay away from the WorldCup in Russia.". That's @RebHarms (Greens) message to EU governments. "Putin is not a good host for the cup while the war continues in Ukraine/Syria [] Democratic governments should not support him in his staging." Backed by 60 MEPs so far
Video shot this morning in Yarmouk Camp where ceasefire is so far denied and battle vs ISIS but also HTS continues (sound of heavy explosion).
Military air strike that just hit Yarmouk camp
Eastern Damascus: Russia|n MP entering Ruhaybah after deal with E. Qalamoun Rebels to evacuate pocket and hand over heavy weaponry.
S. Syria: sat image confirm a fire broke out in Radar Base NW. of Suwayda the night of US-UK-France strikes. Malfunction of Air Defense rather than airstrike.
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