Map. History of Syria conflict

11 December 2017
Putin: Preparations are ongoing to hold the Syrian People's Congress in Sochi.
Putin: All Syrian territory has been liberated from terrorists
Russian President Putin: Cooperation with Turkey is important to resolve the Syrian crisis
SOHR: 38 persons including 10 members of the government forces and the gunmen loyal to them, and about 6 citizens were killed yesterday by mine explosions
Presidents Putin and Assad meet in Syria at the Khmeimim airbase, discuss the outcome of the counterterrorism operation in Syria. Putin: "The fact that we defeated ISIS here in Syria is extremely important for Syria, Russia, and the entire world"
Clashes between SDF and ISIS in Suwaydan Jazira,with SDF advance inside the village
Turkish Artillery Shelling YPG Positions in Basufan and Beih Villages.
Leader of the group Tu-154 from Latakia to Privolshskiy via Turkish airspace
Il-76 from Latakia to Mozdok (via Turkish airspace)
Russian reconnaissance planes towards Idlib
Bodies of fallen British YPG volunteers, Jack Holmes and Ollie Hall Northern Syria were sent home after a public ceremony
Syrian Coalition: At End of Consultative Meeting: Raqqa Should Be Administered By Its Local Citizens
Video as Assad was directed by the Russian military to stand off-stage as Putin took a victory lap
Syrian Democratic Forces and Iraqi Security Forces link-up at shared border yesterday to secure int'l border from ISIS
In-Photos: Putin and Assad at Hmeimim airbase
Leader of the group Tu-154 from Syria to Privolzhskiy
Putin after meeting Assad in Syria: "I ordered Defense Minister and Chief of General Staff to start the withdrawal of Russian troops to the site of their permanent deployment"
SW. Damascus: huge battle ongoing on Maghar Al-Mir front as government launched assault from several axes, capitalizing on latest gains. Intense shelling with IRAM rockets.
OIR Spokesman: Iraqi Security Forces and Syrian Democratic Forces link-up at shared border yesterday. Secure int'l border protects Iraqis and Syrians from remnant Daesh mvmt into and across the region as terrorist fighter/leaders attempt to flee the battlefield
Putin from Hmeimim airbase ordered to withdraw troops from Syria
Putin and Assad talked to pilots at Hmeimim
Putin, on visit, orders Russian forces to start pulling out of Syria: agencies
Putin orders partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria: news agencies
Putin in surprise visit to Russia's airbase in Syria: TASS news agency
Russian Diplomatic Express in the Mideast: 3X state planes heading into egypt - from Moscow, Sochi and Latakia RA-96022 + RA-64517 + RA-64505
High Frequency VIP traffic over Eastern Mediterranean: Earlier mentioned ROSSIYA VIP plane Tupolev Tu-214 left Latakia, heading towards Cairo (?). Soon after Russian Air Force VIP transport Tupolev Tu-154 departed Latakia likely heading to Turkish airspace
Western Damascus: Heavy attack by the SAA Forces on Mazraa't Beit Jinn in western Ghouta
SyAF conducted four air strikes on Tirmala in the besieged Homs yesterday, causing no casualties. Syria
SyAF conducted four air strikes on Tirmala in the besieged Homs yesterday, causing no casualties.  Syria
Putin in Turkey today for talks with Erdogan on Jerusalem, Syria, energy.
Russian planes are now flying in the airspace of Idlib and Hama
Syrian government, Allies Mobilize in 'Death Triangle'
Main locations seized by government on SE. Abu Dali front.