Map. History of Syria conflict

18 October 2017
SAA, Hezbollah and IRGC advance 8x5 km south and north of Humaymah - T2 station road. DeirEzZor - Homs
Footage provided by Raqqa's @Mohamadothman1o shows Islamic State convoy evacuating north thru silos, where @sommervilletv last reported from
Syrian army General Isam Zahraldin killed in #DeirEzzor.
Reports that the head of the Syrian army military operations in Deir Ezzor was killed in a landmine explosion
Revolutionary Command of Rastan calls upon all military formations in N Homs to escalate if detainees at Homs Central Prison are abused
Khamenei: U.S. is angry because Tehran disrupted Washington's plans in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.
Russia's Defense Minister has reportedly agreed to keep Iranian proxies some 15km from Israel's borders
HTS VBIED and targeting ISIS at Sarha Janoubiyah during process of regain control yesterday in East Hama countryside
From Homs prison, Prisoners announce insurgency demanding releasing them after years of detaining.
OIR Spokesman: SDF now control 95% of Raqqa; Soccer stadium, former Nat'l Hospital complex, Naim Circle; clearance ops cont. in last blocks. defeatDaesh
US President Trump takes credit for ISIS "giving up"
Updates on Mayadeen confirmed by local sources: ISIS laid booby-trapped the city and withdrew. No battle happened, other than the bombing. SAA forces, until yesterday at least, were concentrated in one area at the outskirts (per government media, 'engineering units' are clearing IEDs)
East Damascus: Jobar and Ain Terma fronts hit tonight by a barrage of artillery.
Two storks hit an F-35 fighter jet during a training flight on Tuesday, requiring the plane to undergo maintenance work, Israeli army said. Plane landed normally and that it did not sustain damage. However, it was sent “for maintenance work as is common after impacts like this,” the IDF said in an email.
IS claims that a Syrian soldier has surrendered to the group south of al-Mayadin city.
UN send first batch of humanitarian aid to the Syria's Idlib via Bab al-Hawa border gate
People of Qamishlo are celebrating the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS @AFPphoto @Delilsouleman
Tiger Forces Media Man at Al Muhassan Area
[email protected]: ISIS not yet defeated in Raqqa. "Clearance operations continue and we expect our SDF partners to hit pockets of resistance"
Brett McGurk visited Ayn Issa today with the Saudi minister Thamer al-Sabhan (former Ambassador to Iraq) and joined 3 different meetings
NE. Hama: HTS confirms it detonated a car bomb targeting an ISIS gathering on Sarha front and took back Sarha Shamali and nearby farms/hills.
Al-Mahattah and al-Shahabat areas are part of al-Husayniyah area and both under Syrian army control too
How do they celebrate victory in Raqqa? With donuts, of course. Same spot where IS did it’s victory laps three years ago. @BBCNews
Deir Ez Zor: Arabic RT Reporter Video- SAA Crossed Euphrates captured Thayban/Zeiban and that town will be starting op for Bokamal OP
Deir EzZor: SAA crossed the Euphorates River and captured Thayban town east of Al Mayadin city
Syria Ministry of Oil and Natural Resources announcing completion of a new gas pipeline to from repaired wells near Hayan to the Ebla plant
SAA captures Harmalah, Jub 'Eed, 'Abd Al-Amir, Rawdah, Wadi Mazluf-Azeeb-Hasw Rumayl, Seeb Dam and Mount Tanahaj(+300 km²). East Hama countryside
HTS armored assault on Mustarihah in NE. Hama. Unable to stop it most ISIS fighters fled, leaving only a rear-guard (later executed)
Spokesman for U.S.-led coalition says pockets of Islamic State militants remain in Raqqa
SDF Spokesperson Talal Silo confirms that the ISIS rule in Raqqa has come to an end. Operations now under way to clear mines, stragglers.
Syrian Army captures all villages from Dier Ezzor to Al-Mayadeen
Moments of joy in Raqqa where ISIS was once more defeated by YPG-led SDF and US-led Coalition
SAA/NDF recapture all surrounding hillls from the eastern side -Al Awamid Hill and Qaratayn Farms which overlooks train railway
According to activists, last convoy of #ISIS fighters in #Raqqah left their positions near the city's stadium, heading to #DeirEzzor. #Syria
SDF leaders stated that 99% of Raqqa was clean from IS and the cleaning operations around the Hospital were now started
3,250 killed in Raqa battle, including 1,130 civilians: monitor
Following the liberation of the National Hospital in Raqqa, SDF fighters take down Daesh flag raised in the centre of the city.