Map. History of Syria conflict

19 August 2017
SNC: 30 Civilians Killed in Int’l Coalition Bombing on Raqqa
Celebratory convoy of FSA Faylaq Al-Rahman after failure of 63-day offensive by government on Jobar and Ain Terma.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
US Coalition bombs the Syrian Army's front-lines in southern Raqqa
Qalamoun: SAA and Hezbollah captures Harf Almousel mountain in western Qalamoun
One civilian was killed in airstrikes on KafrLaha town in northern Homs countryside Syria
8 airstrikes targeted Houla in the N rural of Homs today. 10 injuries and one killed
FSA destroyed a tank with a TOW in border post with Jordan in attempt to seize back positions lost to government in E. Suweida province.
Now in Raqqa operation: SDF forces MFS and YPG on operation in the west front of the city against ISIS with important gains with @coalition.
SDF fighters captured several strategic points in Darayeh neighborhood. 13 IS members were killed
Clashes continue in al Mansur neighborhood where 12 IS members were killed so far
SDF fighters seized a mine and mortar factory in al Mansur neighborhood in the old city of Raqqa
SAA/Hezbollah advance on strategic Mosul Mountain in Burayj barrens which overlooks Fikha and Mira crossings
ISIS fighters surrender to Hezbollah and Syrian army near border with Lebanon. ISIS member said "That's it, we're done"
3 civilians killed "From one family" after an artillery bombed targeted Hamouriyah town in Eastern Ghouta
SAA and allied forces enter Humaymah, capturing southern and central parts as OP ongoing in northern part. East Homs CS
Heavy bombardment by SAA targeting alLatamenah town in North Hama cs
SAA and Hezbollah arrest several ISIS members in Al-Zamarani area
Zemmrani crossing now is under army and Hezbollah fire control
Several civilians wounded victims of SAA shelling on Douma city in Ghouta
One civilian killed, 3 injured after heavy artillery bombed targeted Zamalka neighborhoods in Eastern Ghouta
LAF Brig. Gen. Ali Qanswa: 600 IS militants in Jaroud region. They control area of 120km sq. No coop with SAA/Hezb in 'Dawn of Jaroud' op
Lebanese army tanks on the move to secure areas East to Ras Baalbek
Lebanese Army capture Tell Mukhirma and advance towards Maghara al-Kayf in jaroud al-Qa'
FSA Ahrar al-Asha'er Battle is to take back areas lost on 2017-08-09, advances at Abu Sharshouh SW of Hadlat Camp
FSA Jaysh Ahrar al-Asha'er launch "Battle of Dignity" to seize back areas from pro-Assad militias in Badia al-Suweida
FSA Jaysh Ahrar al-Asha'er launch
Hezbollah and Syrian army after heavy clashes control Wadi Masud and Wadu Abu Khudair, Bijurd Aljair
The chief of the General staff of the armed forces of RF at the airbase Hmaymim thanked Syrian troops
President Aoun arrived to the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense to follow up the process of operation against the ISIS in the Baalbeck
SAA and the Hezbollah captured Wadi Massoud (Massoud Valley)" and "Wadi Abu Khdeir (Abu Khdeir Valley)" in "Jurud al Jarajir" Western Qalamoun
Lebanon army says to begin offensive against IS on Syria border
Lebanon: The Lebanese army launches the operation (Dawn of Al Jarroud) against ISIS (Photos From Yesterday during preparations)
The Lebanese army launches the operation (Dawn of Al Jarroud) with artillery shells over ISIS locations
Lebanon The Lebanese army launches the operation (Dawn of Al Jarroud) with artillery shells over ISIS locations
Syria Hezbollah Announced Battle called (if you come back we come back) with the Syrian army to capture western Jarrod Al Qalamoun
US State Dep Spox dismisses YPG-led SDF's claim, says US intends to defeat ISIS and not to stay in Syria for decades
YPG attacked area near Al-Bab city with grad rockets.1 civilian killed, several others injured
US and Russian officials to visit Ankara to discuss about the situation in Idlib
Heavy bombardment in Jobar right night. Syrian Army pounding Ataya area in the southeastern part of the suburb
SAA and allied forces monitore fire-control over highly-fortified Humaymah in east Homs CS
A solidarity demonstration held in Quneitra with the killed Syrian civil defense workers in Idlib
US trucks carrying arms, military vehicles and generators destined for Raqqa city
ISIS releases pictures of its clashes with SDF in Raqqah city today
The construction of a new hospital in al-Rai starts
SAA and NDF captured Tali'ah Sharqi and Gharbi from ISIS in east Homs CS
West Daraa: Fierce clashes after IS JKIW try to advance on Tell Ashtara, FSA OP room reportedly repelled one attack.