20 June 2024
SDF targets with mortar shells residential neighborhoods in the city of Jarablus in the eastern countryside of Aleppo
Dead and wounded from the "SDF" and the Pro-Assad forces in clashes between them in the countryside of Al-Hasakah
Russian-Turkish military vehicles conducted the 91st joint patrol in the western countryside of Syria's Kobani2 year ago
Russian-Turkish military vehicles conducted the 91st joint patrol in the western countryside of Syria's Kobani
Since the morning, the Turkish forces have bombed villages in the countryside of Syria's Manbij with mortar shells that hit a number of civilians; homes
A military convoy of the International_Coalition forces is roaming the city of Al-Shuhail, and heading to the city of Al-Busaira, east of Deir Ezzor.
A cadre of Azaz Hospital was injured by a missile attack by SDF forces targeting the hospital
Ahrar Houran Gathering correspondent: The Major in Political Security "Maher Wassouf" was killed after his car was shot dead on the international highway "Damascus - Daraa" near Al-Batal Palace in Sayda
A short while ago, dead and wounded in the bombing of the government forces on the village of Afes in the eastern countryside of Idlib
Aleppo Today Correspondent: government forces launch a campaign of raids and arrest the young man "Ammar al-Fandi" in the city of "Inkhil" in the northern countryside of Daraa
2 year ago
This man, back out from Latakia, Syria flag-ruflag-ru Russian Air Force Tu154 RFF413
A patrol of SDF was attacked by unknown gunmen, and two members lost their lives and another was wounded in Syria's Deir ez-Zur
2 year ago
Medical source to North Press: Three persons wounded in Turkish drone attack on a car in Qamishli city, NE_Syria
SyAAD was activated over Damascus around 4 minutes ago, ongoing Israeli airstrikes
Russian warplanes deployed in the sky of Al-Bab city in the countryside of Aleppo, in conjunction with hearing the sounds of explosions
Russian planes released flares over Al Bab
Syria: area bombed last night by Israel is located few km S. of Quneitra. Target was a SAA outpost
2 year ago
After a drone strike yesterday, the Turks have again bombed north of Manbij with a drone at al Jat. Currently no news on casualties
Russian envoy at UNSC says Moscow does not recognize Israeli sovereignty on Golan Heights. (The only country that recognizes Israel's Golan sovereignty is the US. Russia brought it up here, hours after Israel spoke of its concern over the Russian incursion into eastern Ukraine)
Two people were killed and 5 others were injured in an explosion in a "Khadrawat" store in the town of Al-Husseiniya in the Damascus countryside
A former leader of the Islamic State was killed by unknown persons, west of Daraa
2 year ago
Explosions took place due to Turkish shelling of Tel_Tamr countryside, north of Hasakah, NE_Syria
After the alleged Israeli strike in Quneitra overnight, leaflets bearing the symbol of the Israeli army's 210th "Bashan" Division warning the Syrian Army of cooperating with Hezbollah in the region, are found nearby
2 year ago
Idlib: Two children were injured when an explosive device exploded in the town of Balion in the southern countryside of the remnants of previous bombing by Assad forces
Artillery shelling from the Pro-Assad forces vicinity of the town of Sfuhun in the southern Idlib countryside
2 year ago
Assad's forces end armed clashes that took place between Lebanese youths and others from the Syrian town of Al-Maajir in the Lebanese locality of Wadi Al-Wawayat
Syrian state media publishes photos of the damage caused by the Israeli missile strikes in the Quneitra area overnight
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces bombard the vicinity of the towns of Al-Fatirah and Kansafra in Jabal Al-Zawiya, south of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces bombarded with artillery shells the outskirts of the town of Al-Fatirah in the southern countryside of Idlib
Military factions target with artillery the positions of the pro-Assad forces in the village of Jobas, south of the city of Saraqib in the eastern countryside of Idlib, in response to the government's repeated violations
Missile bombing originating from Israel targets the positions of pro-Assad forces and the Iranian militias in Quneitra, southern Syria