20 July 2024
Sada Al-Sharqiya reporter from Al-Mayadin city, an explosion at Al-Mayadin river crossing, which is under the control of Assad forces and Iranian militias.
The SDF Commander-in-Chief Mazloum Abdi says that Damascus' normalization with Ankara could be taken as an approval of the Turkish occupation of Syria
SDF targeted the village of Arişe, in the south of Rasulayn, with rockets. One SMO soldier was killed, there are wounded
1 year ago
Al Mayadeen reports that Israel was behind an air strike on a convoy carrying fuel across the Iraqi border into Syria yesterday. Per AP, at least 10 people were killed, some of whom were Iranian
1 year ago
Confirmed info Tonight's airstrikes on Al Bukamal, Iraqi-Syria border was NOT a US strike, a senior US official confirms. Centcom is investigating the attack at the moment. There are reports of civilian casualties
1 year ago
SDF's Mazloum Abdi meets with a US delegation to discuss means of ensuring stability in NE_Syria and the issue of Hawl Camp, which houses thousands of ISIS families
1 year ago
Turkish artillery targets positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces "SDF" in the villages of Al-Jarn and Al-Hurriya near Kobane in the Aleppo countryside.
Turkish forces bombard Abu Rasin town and five villages in Al-Hasakah countryside with artillery
After the government forces bombed camps west of Idlib, the Syrian Interim Government calls on the international community to put an end to the persistence of the Assad government and its allies and to stop their crimes.1 year ago
After the government forces bombed camps west of Idlib, the Syrian Interim Government calls on the international community to put an end to "the persistence of the Assad government and its allies and to stop their crimes."
The first moments of the response of the civil defense teams to aiding the wounded and transporting the victims, as a result of the bombing of the government forces and Russia by missiles loaded with cluster ammunition, targeting camps in the vicinity of Kafr Jalis area, west of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces target with artillery shells the outskirts of the city of Ariha in the southern countryside of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces bombard residential neighborhoods in "Sarmin" in the eastern Idlib countryside
1 year ago
Military factions target with heavy artillery the positions of the government forces in "Talat al-Burkan" north of Lattakia
1 year ago
6 civilians were killed and more than 30 others were injured in Pro-Assad forces bombardment on IDP camps in Idlib
Russian forces bombard with cluster ammunition the western outskirts of Idlib Governorate, Syria. As the area is full of IDPs camps
Aleppo Today Correspondent: The child "Bassem Ahmed Abazid" has succumbed of his wounds two days after he was injured as a result of the explosion of a remnant of war in Daraa al-Balad
Turkish artillery units hit PKK positions in Tel Rifat region
1 year ago
Missile bombing by the Syrian Democratic Forces "SDF" targeting the Turkish base in the town of Dabiq, north of Aleppo.
Opposition factions bombard with rocket launchers and artillery shells positions belonging to the Pro-Assad forces forces on the axes of Sahel al-Ghab in the western Hama countryside
The Syrian Democratic Forces bombard with heavy artillery the Kuwait Al-Rahma camp in the countryside of Afrin, north of Aleppo
1 year ago
Pro-Assad Forces target with heavy artillery and missiles the vicinity of the villages of Al-Sarmaniyah in Sahl_Al-Ghab, Benin and Al-Ruwaiha in Jabal Zawiya
Artillery shelling by the government targeting the outskirts of the village of Mantef, south of Idlib.
Discussing a Turkish proposal to unify SNA factions under one command, Turkish officers threaten opposition leaders to allow HTS expansion in Syria's north in case of rejection
Ahrar Houran Gathering: Dozens of civilians leave Tariq Al-Sad neighborhood and Daraa camp before renewed clashes with the end of the ceasefire this evening
The National Liberation Front announces the killing and wounding of a number of members of the government forces after targeting a military vehicle with a guided missile in the "Sheikh Aqil" area in the western countryside of Aleppo
The final statement of the Algiers Summit: The Arab countries play a collective leadership role to contribute to efforts to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis
The Turkish army targets with artillery shells SDF positions in the village of "Zour Maghar" in the eastern countryside of Aleppo
Saudi Foreign Minister: We are keen on the security and stability of Syria, and we support Arab efforts to reach a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery the vicinity of Ma'rblit village in the southern Idlib countryside.
Four ISIS militants were killed in clashes with local gunmen in Daraa city, south Syria, as the latter continue Their campaign of pursuing operatives of the terrorist group