20 June 2024
Assad's forces backed by Russia bombard with heavy artillery the village of Benin in Jabal Al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside, Syria
Turkish drone attack hits Meshtanour Hill in the city of Kobani, northern Syria
Tel_Tamr: Aftermath of Turkish strike targeting a point of Damascus govenment forces in the village of Tal Harmal, north of Zerkan district, killing 3 and others wounded1 year ago
Tel_Tamr: Aftermath of Turkish strike targeting a point of Damascus govenment forces in the village of Tal Harmal, north of Zerkan district, killing 3 and others wounded
Turkish state television: using drones to carry out new air strikes on sites in Ayn al-Arab, northeastern Syria
1 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister: Our operation in Syria and Iraq aims to ensure the safety of 85 million people in Turkey and prevent new attacks against us
1 year ago
Turkey launches so-called Operation Claw-Sword against YPG in northern Syria and the PKK in Kurdistan Region (probably only Sulaimani) this morning - defense ministry
Commander-in-Chief of the SDF, General Mazloum Abdi: "The city of Kobanî, Dêrik, north of Aleppo, and other areas on the Syrian-Turkish border were bombed by Turkish warplanes. There are no indication of a ground invasion
Turkish NTV: Russian-controlled Syrian airspace was opened to Turkish warplanes for the first time in years
Turkish air raids on SDF sites in the areas of Tal-Rifaat, Ain-Issa and Kobane
Turkish air raids hit Kobane town in Syria: Kurdish forces
1 year ago
ISIS claims responsibility for targeting a military vehicle of SDF north of Syria's Raqqa, killing a leader and his companion
1 year ago
Israeli strikes on Saturday morning killed four Syrian soldiers in central and western districts, Syrian state media said. SOHR reported that the strikes targeted pro-Iranian groups in Homs and Hama provinces, and a Syrian air defence battery in Latakia - via @AFP
Syrian air defense responding to Israeli strikes this morning1 year ago
Syrian air defense responding to Israeli strikes this morning
A member of the military police was killed by unknown gunmen on the Euphrates River road near the city of Jarabulus in the eastern countryside of Aleppo
U.S. Consulate in Erbil: U.S. Consulate General Erbil is monitoring credible open-source reports of potential Turkish military action in northern Syria and northern Iraq in the coming days.
Two people, including a child, were killed by gunfire by unknown persons in the town of Al-Malihah Al-Sharqiya in the eastern countryside of Daraa
On the evening of November 17, at approximately 9:32 pm local time in Syria, rockets targeted Coalition Forces at the Green Village. Likely by Iran-backed militias in retaliation for recent Israeli strikes
1 year ago
Erdogan on the possibility of his meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: There is no eternal disagreement in politics
The government forces bring military reinforcements to the town of "Ain Issa", north of Raqqa
A number of members of the government forces were killed and injured in an attack by the cells of the "Islamic State" organization targeting a military point in the vicinity of the "Anz al-Bukurdi" area in the western countryside of Raqqa
Hama: Anas Daoud, a member of pro-Assad forces, was assassinated by unknown gunmen near the Iskan roundabout in the city of Hama
1 year ago
Al-Hasakah: The Syrian Democratic Forces launch a campaign of raids and arrests in Al-Hol camp
1 year ago
President Erdogan on cross-border operation: The whole world should know that we are determined to do whatever is necessary
Daraa: "Omar Ali Al-Masalmeh" was killed and "Khairo Amin Al-Hammadi" injured as a result of being targeted by unknown gunmen in Daraa Al-Balad
Local gunmen, supported by the Pro-Assad forces and Russia, take full control of a neighborhood in Syria's Daraa after fierce clashes against ISIS operatives
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: Neutralizing 4 members of the Syrian Democratic Forces who tried to attack the "Peace Spring" area
SDF denies involvement in Turkey's Istanbul explosion
Assad's forces bombard with heavy artillery the surroundings of the villages of San, Al-Nayrab and Qaqafin in the southern countryside of Idlib, and the vicinity of the city of Darat Izza in the western countryside of Aleppo
1 year ago
Turkish Security Directorate: Evidence indicates that TNT was used in the Istanbul attack
Idlib: A civilian was killed by artillery shelling by Assad forces on the village of Maarblit in the southern countryside