20 June 2024
The international coalition is conducting military exercises with the participation of helicopters in the "Koniko" field, northeast of Deir Ezzor
Aleppo correspondent today: Police forces in the city of Afrin dismantle an explosive device planted in the Mahmoudiyah neighborhood
2 year ago
A checkpoint of the government forces intercepting a convoy of the American forces in Tal Tamer district, northwest of Hasaka
Syria: a Rebel sniper killed yesterday on Idlib front this soldier from area of Safira
TFSA targets, with heavy artillery, SDF positions in the vicinity of Ain Issa city and the international road north of Raqqa
In another repeated incident, a former opposition member was killed by unknown persons in Syria's Daraa
Foreign and Security Affairs Officer Josep Borrell: The Syrian people remain a priority for the European Union in light of the continuation of the conflict and the reaching of the highest levels of humanitarian needs
2 year ago
4 Palestinian militants were killed in an attack by unidentified persons on a vehicle belonging to the Palestinian Quds Brigade in the Rusafe district in the southwest of Raqqa.
2 year ago
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and the Assad affirm the territorial integrity of Syria and the importance of withdrawal of foreign forces
2 year ago
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid expresses to Assad his sincere wishes that security and peace prevail in Syria
Mohammed bin Rashid receives Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Dubai2 year ago
Mohammed bin Rashid receives Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Dubai
2 year ago
Dead and wounded members of the SDF forces, as a result of artillery and missile shelling by the Turkish-backed Syrian opposition, targeting the vicinity of the town of Tal Tamr, north of Hasaka
2 year ago
Artillery and missile shelling by the Pro-Assad forces stationed in the area targets opposition movements on the Maarat al-Naasan axis in the northern countryside of Idlib
The killing of the young man, "Mohammed Al-Khalayfa", a former member of the opposition factions, was shot dead by unknown persons in the town of "Al-Karak Al-Sharqi" in the countryside of Daraa
2 year ago
U.S. has seen "little effort" from Russia to bring the Wagner Group and foreign fighters from Syria into Ukraine: U.S. Central Command chief Frank McKenzie
U.S. has seen increased Russian bomber activity in Western Syria since the war in Ukraine began three weeks ago: U.S. Central Command chief Frank McKenzie
A demonstration in the city of Al-Shuhail, east of Deir Ezzor, in commemoration of the Syrian revolution, with the flags of the Syrian opposition raised in areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces.
Demonstration in front of the Omari Mosque in Daraa on the 11th anniversary of the Syrian revolution Photographed by: Aleppo Today correspondent
The Turkish forces and the opposition factions continued to bombard the village of al-Hoshariya in Syria's Manbij for days, injuring 4 people
Head of Jassim town Council assassinated in Daraa countryside
E. Syria: a soldier was killed today after ISIS targeted his vehicle in S. Palmyra desert. He was from Raqqa province2 year ago
E. Syria: a soldier was killed today after ISIS targeted his vehicle in S. Palmyra desert. He was from Raqqa province
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces bombard with heavy artillery the outskirts of the town of Kafr Taal in the western countryside of Aleppo
2 year ago
Targeting two military patrols of the government forces east of Daraa
2 year ago
Russia recruiting foreign fighters for Ukraine - "We have not seen a flow of fighters" from the MiddleEast, per @CENTCOM Gen McKenzie "We just haven't seen much of that yet out of Syria. And we look at that pretty closely" "That could change" he notes
Daraa: The death of a girl, succumbed to injuries she sustained as a result of the explosion of a landmine left by Assad forces in the city of al-Sanamayn in the northern countryside
A Turkish drone targeted a car in Houshan, near Ayn Issa, yesterday. No casualties were reported. Houshan was later shelled from Turkish-controlled territory. This is the 20th drone attack on NES in 2022. At least 7 people have been killed & 17 injured by these attacks
2 year ago
Dozens of shells fell on the village of al-Hoshan and the M4 highway in Syria's Ain_Issa by the Turkish forces, causing damage to the villagers' property
A member of the government forces was killed in Syria's Daraa by unknown assailants
An IRGC fighter was burned to death two days ago in circumstances, which took place near positions in the south of T2 station. Daesh is believed to be responsible for the attack. He is from Aleppo
An IED explosion claimed lives of two Pro-Assad forces members in Syria's Deir_ez_Zor