21 June 2024
Ongoing violent clashes between the SDF and TFSA near Tel Tamr at Tal al Laban after the TFSA launched a ground attack
A young man from the Al-Atrash family was killed and an officer and a member of the Assad militia was wounded in an exchange of fire in Tishreen Square in As-Suwayda
A coalition helicopter targeted, with automatic weapons, ISIS elements outside the "Sina'a" prison in Al-Hasakah
"The Peoples' Hammer Operation has culminated with our entire control of the al-Sina'a prison in al-Hasaka and the surrendering of all Daesh militants." - SDF
Hama: Assad's forces target the towns of Al-Ziyara and Al-Ankawi in the Al-Ghab Plain area in the western countryside with artillery shells
Al-Hasakah: Syrian Democratic Forces impose a partial curfew in all areas of their influence, days after imposing a total ban in the Al-Hasakah region due to the ongoing clashes in Ghweran prison
Turkish forces shell Manbij northern countryside, north Syria
Mass surrender of militants and prisoners of Ghweran prison in Hasaka, northern Syria
2 year ago
The arrest of nine members of ISIS who escaped from al-Sina'a prison in al-Hasakah in the village of Himo, 10 km west of Qamishli. The SDF also decided to completely prevent movement between Qamishli and its countryside
IED explosion killed a child and wounded others in clay brick factory in al-Bab city east of Syria's Aleppo
The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, arrives at the Iraqi-Syrian border strip area in Nineveh Governorate, accompanied by the Ministers of Defense and Interior, and a number of military and security leaders
Clashes between SDF and ISIS renew in the vicinity of al-Sina'a prison in Syria's Hasakah alongside with Global Coalition helicopters hovering over the area
2 year ago
The Iraqi PMF thwarted an attempt by ISIS militants to penetrate into Iraq's Shingal area adjacent to Syria's border
Power goes out at the Lebanese Energy Ministry moments before Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan sign electricity deal
SDF announces the release of 6 employees of al-Sina'a prison in Syria's Hasakah bringing the total number to 23
Ahrar Houran Gathering correspondent: Three young men were killed as a result of being shot dead by unidentified gunmen near the Al-Ray area between the towns of Muzayrib and Al-Yadouda, west of Daraa
Ongoing artillery battle between the SDF and Turkish army west of Manbij. With the SDF shelling Sheikh Nasser and the Turks hitting Qawuqli and 'Arimah. Clashes also ongoing at Qawuqli and Kor Huyuk areas
In desperate attempts, two ISIS members attacked SDF fighters and the latter kill them in Syria's Hasakah
ISIS has claimed responsibility for assassinating an SDF fighter with a silenced pistol in the Ghweiran area of Hasakah, Syria (near the location of a prison uprising by ISIS militants)
The Asayîş broke up a Daesh cell consisting of four members in al Hol, close to the famous al Hol camp. Seized were three AKs, two shotguns, a Mauser rifles, and ammunition2 year ago
The Asayîş broke up a Daesh cell consisting of four members in al Hol, close to the famous al Hol camp. Seized were three AKs, two shotguns, a Mauser rifles, and ammunition
2 year ago
SDF bolstering defenses near al-Rasafa -south of Raqqa- following what it says of reports of Syria government forces vacating positions "Our forces have taken precautionary measures to prevent [ISIS] from taking advantage" per spox @farhad_shami
Three members of ISIS sleeper cells arrested in Guweiran neighborhood in Syria's Hasakah
SDF control most buildings of al Sina'a prison now amidst the surrender of hundreds more Daesh fighters. Still a few holdouts however
Thousands of civilians have been displaced due to clashes in Al-Hasakah
SDF announces the surrender of 250 other ISIS members this morning, bringing the total number of surrenders in al-Sina'a Prison in Syria's Hasakah to 550 members
The Syrian Observatory: The death toll from the Al-Sina'a prison incidents in Hasaka has risen to 166, including 114 from ISIS
Deir Ezzor: The release of a resident of Theban town after nearly a month's detention in the prisons of the Syrian Democratic Forces
Aleppo: A member of the National Army was wounded by Assad forces' bullets on the Tadef front in the eastern countryside
Airstrikes again this morning near Hasakah prison
Israeli sources: Russia did not inform us in advance of its air patrols with Syrian fighters