24 July 2024
Warplanes of the international coalition forces fly near the Konico factory in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor
Israeli sources confirm that the raids on Aleppo are aimed at preventing arms shipments from Iran
South Syria: 2 bodies were found this morning in Daraa province. Both tortured, hands tied & executed. The one found near Muzayrib belonged to a former ISIS fighter in Yarmuk Basin (arrested then released). The other remains unidentified to date
A video showing the damage caused to Aleppo International Airport in Aleppo after an Israeli missile attack
1 year ago
Asayish forces arrest 50 displaced Syrians during combing operations in the fifth Syrian Al-Fays inside Al-Hol camp in Al-Hasakah countryside. He also reported that the Asayish released a number of detainees they had held in the security and humanitarian campaign, and traces of torture and beatings appeared on the released detainees.
1 year ago
SDF official Farhad Shami on Twitter confirms that security forces found an ISIS prison in al-Hol camp with three chained up women showing signs of torture
1 year ago
Dead and wounded, including children from one family, as a result of an unknown explosion inside a residential house in the city of Binnish, north of Idlib
Homs: 3 children died as a result of the explosion of a mine remnants of war in the village of Al-Dabaa in the countryside of Al-Qusayr city
Hama: The Assad government announces the crash of a helicopter near the Al-Arbaeen roundabout in the center of Hama city as a result of a technical malfunction
1 year ago
A warplane belonging to the Pro-Assad forces crashed in the eastern countryside of As-Suwayda Governorate.
A SyAF warplane crashed in outskirts of Khalkalah Airbase (Suweida province - S. Syria)
Turkish forces and affiliated SNA factions shelled the countryside of Manbij in northern Syria, causing a state of panic among residents
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces target with artillery the outskirts of the villages of Al-Fatirah and Al-Bara, south of Idlib
Syria: aftermath of Russian airstrikes launched yesterday on outskirts of Idlib-city & near Sarjah in Jebal Zawiyah. RuAF Su-24 also pictured. No casualties documented
Following the strikes in Aleppo tonight there were reported airstrikes in Damascus too. Hearing Aleppo International Airport is out of service and Damascus International Airport may also be
Two members of the government forces were killed and others wounded by an Israeli air strike on the "Al-Hayjana" military base located near Damascus International Airport
The first division of the government forces in the Al-Kiswah area, south of Damascus, was subjected to four consecutive Israeli air raids
Explosions near Aleppo International Airport, possible airstrikes reported by local sources
GPS disruptions are felt mostly along Turkey's southern coast, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and Israel, and mostly affect passenger planes, not ground-based systems in vehicles
Warplanes raid targeting a location of rebels in the town of Bazabour, west of the town of Sarjah in Jabal_Al-Zawiya in the Idlib countryside
Russian warplanes target the vicinity of the city of Idlib
A loud explosion was heard throughout the city of Homs, followed by the sound of warplanes over the city.
This morning, SAA shelled the outskirts of Majdalaya town
1 year ago
The Syrian National Army targets with artillery the positions of the government forces on the axis of the 46th regiment, west of Aleppo
Turkish forces shell villages in northeast of Manbij, northern Syria, with mortars
Sada Al-Sharqiya reporter from Al-Mayadin city, the Iranian militias and the Assad government are firing heavily from the river bank opposite SDF, without knowing the reasons
Civilians were wounded in artillery and missile shelling by the government targeting Ghania village in Idlib countryside
Russian Reconciliation Center says Syrian opposition, controlling Syria's Idlib, violates Astana by imposing large amounts of money on students going to government areas
The Syrian Observatory: A leader close to the Lebanese Hezbollah was killed in an area targeted by Israel in Damascus countryside
Turkish artillery units hit PKK positions in Tel Rifat region