20 June 2024
2 year ago
Heavy artillery shelling targets the outskirts of the town of Kansafra in Jabal Al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside
2 year ago
Russian warplanes in the Euphrates Shield area. They fly low
A military convoy of the international coalition forces and SDF special forces, consisting of 15 military vehicles, entered the city of Al-Shuhail, east of Deir Ezzor. The patrol raided Ahmed Al-Fanash's home and arrested his brother Ibrahim, who came from Saudi Arabia on summer vacation.
Al-Assad forces and planes from the Russian Air Force conducted joint military air maneuvers near the Syrian Golan Heights, hours after Israel carried out its fourth raid this month against targets within the areas controlled by the Pro-Assad forces.
Rare Syrian Air Force IL-76 [YK-ATA] flight from Tehran Mehrabad to Shayrat airbase this afternoon
The Fourth Division of the government forces sends military reinforcements, including rocket launchers and dozens of vehicles, to the vicinity of Menagh Military Airport in the northern countryside of Aleppo
Turkish Armed Forces hit the positions of the SDF in the villages of Um El Kura, Savageye and Semuka on the Tel Rifat line with artillery fire.
2 year ago
The Turkish army targets with heavy artillery the positions of SDF forces in the villages of Samuqa, al-Wahishiya and Umm al-Qura, north of Aleppo.
2 year ago
The Syrian Democratic Forces launch a campaign of raids and arrests in the town of "Tal Al-Saman Al-Janoubi" in the countryside of Raqqa
In al-Bukamal. The liquidation of an officer in al-Assad's forces by special Iranian orders reported the killing of Raed al-Aqra', a captain in the militia of the Fourth Division of al-Assad's forces, as a result of the explosion of a landmine in his car in the Salhia al-Bukamal area.
TAF hit the positions of the YPG in the village of Harbul, southeast of Tel Rifat, with artillery fire.
A number of people were injured when an explosive device exploded in a car near the industrial school in the center of Afrin, north of Aleppo
Aleppo correspondent today: A person was injured when an explosive device planted in a car exploded in Mahmudiya neighborhood in Afrin city, north of Aleppo
Syrian state media says at 23:18 Israel launched airstrikes from the Golan Heights, targeting several sites south of Damascus, causing material damage. It adds that "most" of the missiles were intercepted by air defenses
A civilian was killed and another wounded in a camp for the displaced north of Idlib, during a quarrel between two families
2 year ago
Turkish artillery units hit the PKK positions in the village of Hoshan, Sakr restaurant and on the M4 highway in Ayn Isa.
The leader of the Northern Storm Brigade of the National Army, Najm Hamdoush, was injured with his two children when an explosive device exploded in a car in Azaz
Pro-Assad forcs bulldozer near Minnag airbase destroyed by SNA
2 year ago
Al-Raqqa: The National Army targets positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the village of Qazali in the northern countryside with artillery shells
Turkish artillery units hit PKK positions north and west of Manbij
Tel_Rifaat: Pro-Iranian militias established two military bases in Tel-Rifaat
One person was killed and others were injured by demonstrators against the Electricity Company in the city of Jindires, north of Aleppo, as they were exposed to gunfire from an unknown source
South Syria: today the local Military Security commander for Tasil (NW. Daraa) was killed by gunmen in center of the town. He was a reconciled Rebel. A soldier from Latakia province was also slain yesterday in unspecified attack in Damascus countryside (pic)
A massive demonstration in the city of Afrin, north of Aleppo, to denounce the practices of stc, which specializes in electrical energy
"Every month some 800 trucks deliver humanitarian assistance to more than 4 mln people in northwest Syria. "Every single truck is monitored by the U.N.," Cutts said. "Without the U.N. involvement we fear that donors will not have the same confidence"
Civil Defense: The death toll from fires and explosions near the town of Babsqa in the northern Idlib countryside has risen to two dead and two injured.
Turkish forces shelled SDF positions in Abu Rasayan, east to Ras Al Ain
Explosions in one of the ammunition depots for the factions of the National Liberation Front in the Babska area near the Syrian-Turkish border
Explosion at HTS warehouses north of Idlib
Ain Issa, part of the artillery shelling that targeted the center of Ain Issa city, without any casualties among civilians