11 December 2023
France has issued an arrest warrant for Syria’s President Al-Assad over the 2013 Chemical Attacks
Two launches detected from Syria towards the Golan, they reportedly failed. Israeli army retaliating against the source of the fire
3 week ago
Another multi-rocket attack targeted US forces at MSS Euphrates in Syria today; 1 came within ~0.5km of base. No casualties or damage, a defense official tells VOA
Initial report of rocket strike on Conico field, Syria
Syrian women inside a protest in the city of Suwayda, southern Syria. They demand the departure of the dictator Bashar al-Assad and his government
Last night Al-Omar oil field base east of Deir ez-Zur has been targeted by Iranian militias located west of the Euphrates River
The White House: If Iranian proxies continue to target U.S. forces, we will respond
The White House: We do not seek a confrontation with Iran, but we must weaken its Revolutionary Guard
Al-Nujaba militias enter Deir ez-Zur from Iraq and are deployed in the cities of Al-Mayadin and Al-Bukamal
3 week ago
Iranian militias have targeted the Kharab Al-Jir military base in northern Syria (Al-Hasakah province) with a number of rockets
Overnight, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq (a front for Iran-backed militias) claimed it carried out an attack against the Green Village, a US outpost in eastern Syria3 week ago
Overnight, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq (a front for Iran-backed militias) claimed it carried out an attack against the Green Village, a US outpost in eastern Syria
U.S. reinforcements are heading from the Rumailan base in Hasakah to the Al-Omar and Conico bases
Assad's forces target with heavy artillery the vicinity of the town of Kafr Noran, west of Aleppo
4 week ago
A drone attack on an American base in Al-Hasakah
Austin: The American strikes in eastern Syria aim to weaken the groups responsible for attacks against American forces
4 week ago
Iranian militia attacked U.S. Conico base with advanced Grad missiles
4 week ago
Senior U.S. defense official tells: 6-7 Iranian proxy fighters were killed at one of the 2 locations struck by U.S. warplanes in E Syria tonight. IRGC HQ/safe house. 2 hours of secondary explosions seen at second location suggesting large weapons and ammo storage
Pentagon confirms new airstrikes vs ran IRGC facilities in eastern Syria Per @SecDef Lloyd Austin US hit a training facility near AbuKamal & a safe house near Mayadin "in response to continued attacks against US personnel in Iraq & Syria"
4 week ago
Explosions reported in Deir Ez Zor, Eastern Syria
@POTUS on death of 5 US servicemembers during a training accident in the Eastern Mediterranean
The Israeli army: Israeli aircraft targeted "terrorist" infrastructure in Syria
Washington announces a military plane that was on a training mission in the eastern Mediterranean crashed on Friday
Command of US Forces in Europe: There are no indications that the crash of the US military plane was caused by hostile action
Deirezzor - Iranian militias are attacking Hawaij. Violent clashes are taking place right now. (Mortars and heavy machine gun fire). In Dhiban, Shuhail and Busayrah skirmishes and artillery exchanges are being reported
4 week ago
The Israeli army is striking Syrian territory after two launches were detected into the Golan. The rockets fell in open areas - Israeli army
4 week ago
Israeli army says two rockets fired from Syria. Both landed in open areas
Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi met Syria President Bashar al-Assad today in Riyadh on the sideline of the ongoing summit
One-way drones targeted U.S. forces at Rumalyn Landing Zone in Syria this morning. 1 drone was shot down and the other did not detonate. No injuries or damage to infrastructure reported. This is the 6th attack since the U.S. air strikes in Syria Wednesday. 48th since Oct
Russian air strikes target the "Arab Saeed" area in the Idlib countryside
Bashar al-Assad speaks at the Arab summit about the situation in Gaza