13 July 2024
Explosions have been heard in the vicinity of the global coalition forces' base at "Al-Omar Field" in eastern Deirezzor
"Clearly this is an uptick in terms of the types of drone activity we've seen in Iraq and Syria," @PentagonPresSec says about drone attacks against U.S. forces as regional tensions flare after Hamas attack
8 month ago
Turkish drone and artillery strikes near Kobani at Ahmed Munir village
A civilian car was completely burned on the outskirts of the town of Taftanaz, east of Idlib, after it was targeted by an ATGM missile by Assad forces.
US forces thwarted two drones strikes in Syria - one near U.S. forces at Al Tanf, one in the Conoco area. Per US official
Explosions of unknown origin have been heard near the Conoco Gaz field base in eastern Deir ez-Zur. It is believed that Iranian militias targeted the vicinity of the Conoco base where U.S. forces are based
Explosions in Quneitra, Syria, as a result of Israeli bombing of Syrian army positions
ISIS has launched a major assault on several Assad government positions to the south & east of al-Sukhna on Syria's M20 highway, including a number of gas facilities, one of which is the strategic Doubayat gas field
8 month ago
Russian warplanes launch air strikes on the village of Ghaniya in the Jisr al-Shughur countryside, west of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces now bombarding Kansafra village in the southern Idlib countryside8 month ago
Pro-Assad forces now bombarding Kansafra village in the southern Idlib countryside
Idlib southern countryside: Rocket bombardment by Pro-Assad forces targeting the towns of Al-Bara and Kafr Aweid in Jabal Al-Zawiya, south of Idlib. Idlib
Turkish forces send new military reinforcements to frontlines in the west of Aleppo, NW Syria, in tandem with reinforcements sent by the HTS to the northern countryside of Aleppo
Syria: a Rebel suicide drone crashed this morning in city of Aleppo (Saryan district). One resident was wounded
Three civilians were injured by Assad forces' bombing of the city of Jericho, south of Idlib
Iranian Embassy based in Damascus, Syria, writes in Hebrew: "time is up"
An unidentified drone just targeted the Iranian militia areas near to Al-Salhiya town in the countryside of Al-Bukamal, east of Deirezzor
Russian warplanes launched air strikes around the village of Sheikh Yusuf, west of Idlib8 month ago
Russian warplanes launched air strikes around the village of Sheikh Yusuf, west of Idlib
8 month ago
Russian warplanes launched 18 air strikes on the vicinity of the village of Sheikh Yusuf from this morning until.
9 month ago
Military aircraft attack the west of Jabalia camp, north of the Gaza Strip
9 month ago
A raid on a residential apartment east of Khan Yunis, and there were a number of dead
Anti-aircraft missiles confront targets in the sky of the capital, Damascus
Assad and Putin in a phone call discussed "ways to stop Israeli attacks at Gaza", and "a need to deliver humanitarian aid immediately"
3 members of the "Sham Legion" were killed and 3 others were injured after they were targeted by the SDF with a guided missile in the village of Basoufan in the Afrin countryside, north of Aleppo.
9 month ago
Aleppo Today correspondent: Walid Mersal, head of the intelligence department in the town of Ghandoura, was injured, and another member of the police forces was injured after an explosive device exploded in their car on the outskirts of the town of Ghandourah, east of Aleppo.
Residents of the city of Suwayda, southwestern Syria, blocked the Damascus-Suwayda road after reports circulated that a Pro-Assad forces official is set to visit the city
Assad's forces target with heavy artillery the village of Al-Fatira in Jabal Al-Zawiya, south of Idlib
Israeli army spokesman: The Chief of Staff announces the destruction of Aleppo Airport in response to the missile launched from Syria
YPG positions on the Zuriyat west of Kobani in northern Syria were hit by artillery fire
Syrian TV: An Israeli attack targets Aleppo International Airport
Initial reports of explosions in Aleppo, Syria