24 July 2024
Airstrikes reported in Jabal al-Arbaeen, south of Idlib
Islamic resistance in Iraq group says they going to escalate their campaign (in attacking US bases in Iraq/Syria)
The US has intelligence that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has agreed to provide the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah with a Russian-made missile defense system, according to people familiar with the intelligence.
8 month ago
Explosions heard in the Golan regional council, possibly mortar shell launches from Syria
8 month ago
Tirbespî: Turkish forces targeted this morning the village of Malabas, which is inhabited by the Syriac population and the vicinity of the Yazidi village of Tal Khatoun, without causing any casualties
Deir ez-Zor Eastern countryside: Ibrahim al-Bashir al-Hanat, Ahmed al-Bashir, and Sultan Khaled al-Taha were arrested during a campaign of raids carried out by SDF in the al-Sharai neighborhood in the town of Abu Hamam at dawn today. Deir ez-Zor
The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims responsibility for 2 suicide drones targeted Al-Tanaf base that hosts US forces, on the Iraqi/Syrian borders8 month ago
The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims responsibility for 2 suicide drones targeted Al-Tanaf base that hosts US forces, on the Iraqi/Syrian borders
An explosion near a village in the countryside of the city of Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain), northeastern Syria, results in the death of a child and the injury of his brother and father
8 month ago
Russian media: Lavrov discussed with his Syrian counterpart the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
US Secretary of Defense: We say it clearly: If the attacks on American military personnel in the Middle East do not stop, we will respond
Russian warplanes launch air strikes on the vicinity of the town of Kansafra, south of Idlib8 month ago
Russian warplanes launch air strikes on the vicinity of the town of Kansafra, south of Idlib
8 month ago
Idlib western countryside: Russian aircraft target with missiles the vicinity of the village of Ain Shayb
8 month ago
Ain al-Asad Air Base in Iraq was bombed by four missiles
"Iran's strategic objective has not changed" per senior US defense official, re ongoing attacks despite US strikes in Syria last week. "We're going to continue to respond when the president decides that's necessary" for force protection
Pentagon official: We reserve the right to target armed organizations supported by Tehran wherever they are located
US forces in the MiddleEast have been attacked by drones/rockets at least 23 times since October 17 - 14 in Iraq & 9 in Syria - per a senior US defense official "Most failed to reach their targets" per the official
A new attack on the Conoco military base, where U.S. forces are stationed in eastern Deir ez-Zur. This is the second attack by the Iranian militias against U.S. forces within a few hours
A nurse was killed, and a doctor and a driver sustained severe burns, all of them from the medical staff of Binnish City Hospital, following an attack by government forces with two targeted missile strikes on a civilian car on the Binnish-Tafasna road east of Idlib, today, Monday
Deir ez-Zur: SDF forces sent reinforcements to the towns of the eastern countryside of Deir ez-zor
Idlib: A medical vehicle was targeted near a Turkish military base in Taftanaz Airport, eastern countryside of Idlib, killing and wounding 3 people
Israeli missiles hit the military hill of Al-Jamou' in the western countryside of Daraa, where Iranian militias are stationed
After the unknown airstrikes on Albukamal, another rocket attack on Al-Omar Oilfield, eastern Syria
8 month ago
Significant explosions reported near Albukamal, Deir Ez Zor, Syria on the Iraq border
The Israeli army says it has identified several launches from Syria. The projectiles fell in open areas and the Israeli army is responding
Russian air strikes targeting the vicinity of the village of "Kafr-Din" in the Idlib countryside
Russian warplanes bombard with missiles the town of "Basanqul" in the Idlib countryside
The SDF announces the killing of 19 militants affiliated with the Pro-Assad forces in clashes that ensued after an attack by the militants on SDF-held areas in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor Governorate, eastern Syria at Diban, Abu Hardoub and Abu Hamam
A U.S. military official tells @FoxNews that there was a drone attack today at al-Shaddadi base in Syria BUT there were NO casualties or damage to infrastructure, according to U.S. official
Iran-backed "Islamic Resistance in Iraq" announces targeting Shaddadi coalition base in Syria with 2 UAVs
Assad's forces and Russia bombard with heavy artillery the surroundings of the towns of Kansafra, Safuhan, and "Kafr-Aweid" in the southern countryside of Idlib, Syria