12 July 2024
Syria: photos of today's anti-government protests in Suwayda
10 month ago
The death of the head of the local council of Kufra, "Mustafa Khalil", two days after he was injured during family clashes. : The people of "Khalil" burn the houses of the killer's family in the town of Kufra, in the countryside of Azaz, north of Aleppo. 3 dead
Syria: last night, shortly after midnight, RuAF bombed 3 times the Western outskirts of Idlib-city. Casualties reported
10 month ago
2 Russian Su-35 aircraft closely approached coalition's F-35 near Al Tanf in Syria
Violent explosions were heard in and around Damascus
Syria: Turkey carried out this afternoon an airstrike (& the first of that kind since 2018). A TSK drone destroyed the car of SDF leaders who went to town of Zahraa (North Aleppo) to meet pro-Assad/Iranian officials. Multiple casualties
11 month ago
Protesters block the Damascus-Suwayda road, the main road leading from Al-Thala to As-Suwayda, and the Qanawat and Majadal roads, in protest against the high fuel prices and the deteriorating living conditions in the country, and to prevent employees from reaching their departments to participate in the strike.
11 month ago
Civilians were injured as a result of artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces targeting Maarat Al-Naasan in Idlib countryside
11 month ago
Jordanian army downs drone from Syria carrying meth - state news agency
11 month ago
The Turkish Defense Ministry announces the neutralization of 12 YPG fighters in a military operation in northern Syria
Assad blamed Erdogan for the increase in violence in Syria, demands the withdrawal of Turkish troops
The commander of the Military Security "Mustafa Qassem Al-Masalmeh" and the loyal media figures "Firas Al-Ahmad" and "Ahmed Al-Masalmeh" and a member of the government forces were killed after being targeted by an explosive device in Al-Shayah area in Daraa Al-Balad
ISIS militants carry out two violent attacks on posts of Iranian-backed militia and government forces in Deir_ez_Zor, eastern Syria, resulting in casualties and material damage
The Syrian News Agency: An explosive device planted by militants in a private car exploded in the suburb of Yusuf al-Azma in the countryside of Damascus, and there is no news of casualties until this moment
One injured, as a result of the explosion of an explosive device planted in a public taxi car at the entrance to the suburb of Youssef Al-Azma in Damascus countryside
Russian warplanes bombard the outskirts of Idlib, Syria
11 month ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: 5 Kurdish militants were killed in northern Syria
11 month ago
Deir-ez-Zor, the northern countryside: A number of "SDF" members were wounded, after their car was targeted by an unknown vehicle, as they were riding a motorcycle on the outskirts of the village of Al-Hussain this morning
11 month ago
ISIS claims responsibility for three operations against the SDF in Deir_ez_Zor Governorate, eastern Syria, and the Iraqi Army in Saladin Governorate in Iraq. The attacks resulted in casualties
Fadi Adnan Mukhlaf was killed by unknown gunmen riding a motorbike in Dahlah town in the east of Deir ez-Zur, ane he is from the Sabha village
Iranian and Syrian foreign ministers met in Tehran today on Monday, July 31
UAV MQ-9 of the U.S. anti-terrorist coalition on the morning of July 30 dangerously approached the Su-34 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces at a distance of less than 100 meters - representative of the Russian Federation
11 month ago
Assad's forces target with heavy artillery the villages of Kafr Awaid and Al-Fatira, south of Idlib
Assad discussed with the Russian President’s special envoy Alexander Lavrentiev file of the return of Syrian refugees and The two sides discussed the Turkish stubbornness regarding withdrawal from the Syrian territories
Russian fighter jets 'severely damaged' a US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper drone that was conducting counter-ISIS operations over Syria. -CENTCOM
Aleppo Today correspondent: A child and a man were injured when Assad forces shelled the town of Kafr Amma in the western countryside of Aleppo11 month ago
Aleppo Today correspondent: A child and a man were injured when Assad forces shelled the town of "Kafr Amma" in the western countryside of Aleppo
11 month ago
Pro-Assad forces, present in the 46th regiment, target with rocket launchers the axis of the village of Kafr Amma in the western countryside of Aleppo
Syrian media citing a military source say the IAF airstrikes on Damascus wounded two soldiers and caused material damage to the targeted sites.
12 month ago
Erdogan says he is not closed to the meeting with Assad, and can meet, but what is important is how Damascus approaches Turkish positions. Erdogan: Unfortunately, Assad is calling for Turkey to leave northern Syria. Such a thing cannot happen because we are fighting terrorism there
Turkish artillery units hit points belonging to the YPG in the Tel Rifat region