22 July 2024
9 month ago
Turkish warplanes bombed the Internal Security Academy of the Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria, casualties feared
UAE President Bin Zayed spoke on the phone with Israel’s President on the Hamas’ attack. Before that, he discussed the matter with the leaders of Jordan, Egypt, and Syria
Turkish strikes targeted Dêrik, Tirbespiyê, Manbej, Tal Tamer and Tal Rafaat. Many casualties arrived Dêrik hospital
9 month ago
Turkey targets the village of Quran and post of government forces in Tel Sha’ir in Syria’s Kobani
9 month ago
Aleppo eastern countryside: The Turkish army targets with artillery shells SDF positions in the vicinity of the villages of Al-Sayadah and Al-Jat in the countryside of the city of Manbij.
Turkish aircraft bombed the Kardahul oil field, which is under the control of the SDF militia, east of Qamishli in the Hasakah countryside.9 month ago
Turkish aircraft bombed the "Kardahul" oil field, which is under the control of the SDF militia, east of Qamishli in the Hasakah countryside.
Clashes broke out between National Army forces and SDF in the vicinity of the villages of Abla and Hazwan, east of Aleppo, in conjunction with Turkish artillery shelling on SDF points in the vicinity of the clash point.
9 month ago
Turkish attacks target Awda oil field in Tirbe Spiyeh and Taqel Baqel power station in Derik, NE Syria
The reinforcements included drones, Iranian Fajr missiles, and advanced weapons that arrived at military sites in the Daraa and Quneitra governorates. Leaders and members of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia entered a number of military sites northwest of Daraa, and other sites in the Quneitra Governorate close to the border with the occupied Golan. Military reinforcements entered “Tall al-Qa’id,” which is located near the town of Jabab, north of Daraa, and similar reinforcements from foreign militias entered a number of military hills located northwest of Daraa, and Tulul al-Sha’ar and Krum in Quneitra Governorate
9 month ago
Unofficial reports from Syria and Iran suggest that the IRGC Quds Force commander Qaani has arrived in Lebanon
9 month ago
Assad forces bombard with artillery the axis of the village of "Khirbet Al-Naqus" in the Al-Ghab Plain area, northwest of Hama.
Pro-Assad forces bombard with rocket launchers the vicinity of the town of Qaminas in the Idlib countryside, Syria
Pro-Assad forces bombard the surroundings of the cities of Sarmin and Idlib with missiles
Turkey targets two posts of the Pro-Assad forces forces in two villages in the countryside of Derik, NE_Syria
9 month ago
3 civilians, including two children, were injured as a result of bombardment with incendiary missiles by government forces on the town of Abzimo, west of Aleppo
Hearing the sounds of intense gunfire in the Al-Furqan and New Halab neighborhoods in Aleppo
White Helmets: A preliminary toll of victims of the intense and continuous artillery and missile bombardment by government forces and Russia, on the cities and towns of rural Idlib and Aleppo, today, Sunday, October 8, until 6:30 p.m. The total number of dead and wounded: The dead: 6 civilian deaths, including two children and a woman
9 month ago
Violent bombing by Pro-Assad forces forces targeting several cities and villages of Majdalia, Sufuhan, Al-Fatira, Ma'rablit, and Deir Sunbul in the Idlib countryside, in conjunction with similar bombing targeting the town of Al-Ibzimo, west of Aleppo, northern Syria
Assad's forces bombard with artillery the town of Nayrab and the villages of Al-Fatira and Ma'rablit, south of Idlib
9 month ago
Al-Fath Al-Mubin Operations Room targets Assad forces positions with rocket launchers in the vicinity of the town of Qardaha in the northern countryside of Latakia.
Pro-Assad forces artillery shelling targets the outskirts of the villages of Benin and Al-Ruwaiha, south of Idlib
Unconfirmed reports of a drone interception in Safed, northern Israel
Opposition factions bombard government positions with missiles in the towns of Nubl and Al-Zahraa, west of Aleppo, Syria
A civilian was killed in the recent missile strike that targeted the city of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces again target the city of Sarmin, east of Idlib, with artillery shells
Assad's forces targeted the National Hospital of Idlib-city with heavy artillery. Syria
9 month ago
Successive raids by Russian warplanes targeting the Al-Kabina Hills in the Latakia countryside
9 month ago
Lebanon: The spokesperson for UNIFIL announced that peacekeeping troops affiliated with UNIFIL observed the firing of rockets from southeastern Lebanon toward the Israeli-occupied territories in Kafrchouba. Israel also responded with artillery fire
9 month ago
Hizballah took responsibility for this morning's attack on Mount Dav: "a large barrage of rockets was fired at 3 Israeli army facilities"; the Israeli army destroyed the tent that the organization had erected in the area in response
Pro-Assad forces target Al-Kinana Hospital with rocket launchers in the city of Darat Azza, west of Aleppo