14 July 2024
IRGC says Israel will definitely pay the price for its missile strike against suburbs of Damascus which killed two IRGC forces
The Israeli army has elevated readiness, and ordered high alert in northern Israel in preparation for a possible Iranian revenge attack after two IRGC forces were killed in the latest Syria strike, according to @kann_news
South Syria: assassinations resumed in Daraa after a week of calm. Again reconcilied Rebels are the primary targets. 3 of them were targeted in Jassem & Dael, wounding 2 & killing one (a former Shabab Sunnah commander - pic)
In the town of Abu Hamam, east of Deir Ezzor, the people demanded the YPG's removal from the region and the release of the detainees.
2 year ago
Russian Military Police conducted a joint patrol with Turkish forces in the eastern countryside of northern #Syria's #Kobani
2 year ago
Targeting a military vehicle belonging to the government east of Daraa
SANA reporter: Explosions were heard in the sky around Damascus
Possibly an Israeli airstrike in Damascus
2 year ago
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights puts military bus death toll at 15, with 18 wounded - ISIS attack in Palmyra
2 year ago
RFF201 - Out from Latakia Air Base, Syria. On a Russian Air Force callsign, heading into Turkish airspace flag-ruflag-ru Russian Government Tu154 RA85843 RFF201
2 year ago
The Syrian Ministry of Defense announced the death of 13 Syrian soldiers as a result of an attack on a bus in the Palmyra region, 18 were injured
Zaytoun Agency: A member of the SDF was killed and 3 others were wounded by artillery shelling of the National Army on its positions in the vicinity of the villages of "Mu'allaq and Sidon" in the countryside of Ain Issa, north of Raqqa
Assassinations are increasing in Daraa, in light of the ongoing security chaos
2 year ago
Artillery shelling by the Pro-Assad forces targeting the vicinity of the town of Al-Bara in the southern countryside of Idlib
According to a statement by the Manbij Military Council Turkey-backed groups are shelling the villages Cate in northeastern & Ereb Hesen in northwestern of Manbij city since the evening hours (ANHA) Northern Syria
An unidentified drone targets the outskirts of Azraq camp, east of al-Bab city in Aleppo countryside
2nd pilot of Su-34 shot down near Chernihiv dead and identified as Mayor Krivolapov, possible responsible for bombings in Syria
2 year ago
RFF210 - Out from Latakia Air Base Syria, into Turkish airspace on a Russian Air Force callsign. flag-ruflag-ru Russian Navy Tu154 RF85855
Iranian militias arrest civilians in Palmyra. 4 killed and others injured in separate incidents east of the Euphrates
Blasts in Quneitra, southern Syria
Investigations are still underway with Jawdat Hamza. Who was arrested in a qualitative operation between the Revolutionary Commando Army and the "Anti-Terrorism Force", and this operation comes within the framework of joint coordination to combat ISIS and the forces smuggling drugs and those involved in southern Syria. Al-Tanf, Rukban camp, Syria
2 year ago
The Manbij Military Council says in a written statement that Turkey-backed groups are shelling with heavy artillery the village Toxar in northeastern of Manbij, Northern Syria
SDF targets with mortar shells residential neighborhoods in the city of Jarablus in the eastern countryside of Aleppo
Dead and wounded from the "SDF" and the Pro-Assad forces in clashes between them in the countryside of Al-Hasakah
Russian-Turkish military vehicles conducted the 91st joint patrol in the western countryside of Syria's Kobani2 year ago
Russian-Turkish military vehicles conducted the 91st joint patrol in the western countryside of Syria's Kobani
Since the morning, the Turkish forces have bombed villages in the countryside of Syria's Manbij with mortar shells that hit a number of civilians; homes
A military convoy of the International_Coalition forces is roaming the city of Al-Shuhail, and heading to the city of Al-Busaira, east of Deir Ezzor.
A cadre of Azaz Hospital was injured by a missile attack by SDF forces targeting the hospital
Ahrar Houran Gathering correspondent: The Major in Political Security "Maher Wassouf" was killed after his car was shot dead on the international highway "Damascus - Daraa" near Al-Batal Palace in Sayda
A short while ago, dead and wounded in the bombing of the government forces on the village of Afes in the eastern countryside of Idlib