22 July 2024
9 month ago
Assad's forces target with heavy artillery the towns of Kafr Ta'al and Tadil, west of Aleppo
9 month ago
Bombardment with artillery and missiles carrying incendiary napalm on the village of Al-Tawama in the western countryside of Aleppo
Hearing the sound of an explosion at the U.S. Al-Omar field base in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor
US has intel that Iran-backed groups are planning to ramp up attacks on US troops in the Middle East as Iran seeks to capitalize on backlash to US support of Israel. There are "red lights flashing everywhere," official said
Assad forces bombard with artillery the towns of Maarablit and Majdalia in the southern countryside of Idlib
The White House: There is a link between the militias targeting us and the Revolutionary Guard
US, @DeptofDefense blaming drones & rockets attacks vs US troops in Iraq & Syria on "Iranian-backed groups" "We know that these groups are groups that are backed by Iran" per @PentagonPresSec. But "we haven't seen a direct order" from Tehran, he says
US confirms attempted drone attack vs US forces - 2 one-way attack drones aimed at AtTanf in Syria. Per @PentagonPresSec BrigGen Patrick Ryder, both drones were shot down, no injuries to report
"We have seen this increase in rocket & UAV attacks against our bases & our facilities in Iraq & Syria" per @PentagonPresSec "We are concerned about a broader escalation of these attacks in the days ahead"
9 month ago
Pro-Iranian militias in Iraq launch a drone attack on Al Malikiya military base in Syria, housing U.S. military personnel
The Islamic Resistance (Iraq) targeted the Al Tanf coalition base and Al Rubkan with 2 drones this morning9 month ago
The Islamic Resistance (Iraq) targeted the Al Tanf coalition base and Al Rubkan with 2 drones this morning
Al-Tanf base was targeted for the second time in less than a weee: American forces shot down a drone that attacked Al-Tanf base, located on the Triangle Border
The Saudi Foreign Minister and his Syrian counterpart discuss by telephone the importance of finding a just solution that meets the aspirations of the Palestinian people
The Arab Affairs Committee of the Syrian Parliament: The situation is too complex for Syria to carry out military action against Israel
Kirby: We have witnessed disturbing attacks, and we must do what it takes to protect our forces, especially in Iraq and Syria
A telephone call between the Syrian and Iranian Defense Ministers
Russian warplanes launch air strikes on the outskirts of the town of Kafr Aweid, south of Idlib
4 civilians wounded in a missile strike by government forces that targeted residential neighborhoods, a medical center, and a school in Ariha city, south of Idlib, on the evening of Sunday, October 22nd
Lloyd Austin: we've seen rocket & UAV attacks against bases housing our troops in Iraq and Syria. We're concerned about potential escalation. In fact, what we're seeing is a is the prospect of a significant escalation of attacks on our troops and our people throughout the region
9 month ago
Rebels factions target with artillery the points of Assad's forces in the town of Jurin and the village of Naoura Jurin, northwest of Hama.
9 month ago
The first scenes of a car explosion in Qamishli in the Hasakah countryside, amid reports that it was targeted by a Turkish drone.
9 month ago
Syrian opposition forces bombard with missiles the positions of the Pro-Assad forces forces stationed in the Al-Ghab Plain, west of Hama, in response to the recent bombing of the area this afternoon, which killed 5 children and wounded others
The death toll from artillery shelling by Assad forces on the village of Qarqour in the Al-Ghab Plain in the Hama countryside rose to 5 dead children, including 3 brothers, and the loss of a girl
Syria: Two workers were killed in the Israeli bombing of Damascus Airport
Syrian News Agency: Israeli bombing targets Damascus and Aleppo airports, putting them out of service
9 month ago
Russian warplanes bombard with missiles the village of “Sarmaniyah” in the western countryside of Hama
9 month ago
Russian air strikes on the outskirts of the villages of Quneitra and Sheikh Youssef, west of Idlib
9 month ago
Assad forces target with heavy artillery the towns of Al-Wasata and Al-Qasr, west of Aleppo
9 month ago
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery the town of Maarat al-Na`san, east of Idlib
Explosions have been heard in the vicinity of the global coalition forces' base at "Al-Omar Field" in eastern Deirezzor